My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (2023)

Consider having your owndestination weddingIn it Dream Riviera Cancuncomplexin Mexico?

Do you know what to expect? We do that🙂

I've teamed up with our experienced team of wedding coordinators at PlayaDelCarmen.Com!

This hotel will give you the inside scoop on all things wedding!

OurWedding planners teamorganizedHundreds of destination weddingsand many at Dreams Riviera Cancun.

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Weddings at Dreams Riviera Cancun

  1. Hotel Overview
  2. Gay Weddings at Dreams Riviera Cancun
  3. room types
  4. Strand
  5. Why we like it (pros/cons)
  6. Additional Resources You May Find Helpful
  7. Start planning the day of your dreams

1. Summary of the hotel

A popular customer favorite for weddings! But why?

Dreams Riviera Cancun is, of course, part of the "Dreams" resorts, celebrated online for their spectacular excellence in organizing all kinds of events.

The hotel is located on the outskirts of Puerto Morelos, a short distance south of the Cancun International Airport.Resort offers a secluded atmospherewhile being in a prime position to enjoy all the major attractions in the region.

Guest favorites include elegant accommodations, gourmet dining, and a world-class spa!

A stay here means you can enjoy AM Resorts' concept of "unlimited luxury."unlimited premium liquors, unlimited a la carte dining, 24-hour room service and more.

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Also, guests of all ages will have no problem making conversation. The resort offers a variety of activities including sports, games, kids club and nightly entertainment etc.

When it comes to weddings, AM Resorts is one of our preferred partners when it comes to planning your dream day simply because they are such a joy to work with.

Attention to detail, level of service and communication always exceed expectations!

Trust us, we work with many hotels and unfortunately the same cannot be said of all of them... Hotel Xcaret, we are watching you!

Average price per person, per night

  • $230 per personper night
  • $170 in the off season- September October
  • The maximum occupancy of the room is 4 people (3 adults 1 child or 2 adults 2 children)
  • This is a medium size resort with 486 rooms.

Get a quote today from our experienced wedding coordinators and travel contacts.

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2. Wedding Package Options

Okay, now let's get down to the juicy details...

The purpose of this blog is to show you how much you get for your money and what is included...

All places in the regionhave a variety of different packagesto choose from to meet the wants and needs of customers.

They are often divided into 4-5 basic packages with many additional options to make it easy for you to customize your day.

Below we've selected one of our personal favorite packages to feature, so you can get a better idea of ​​what to expect...


Dreams Ultimate Wedding Package

3799 US dollarfor up to 20 guests

All-inclusive package services included:
  • Service of a judge or minister
  • Semi-private rehearsal dinner for max
  • Wedding planning and personal touch from an on-site coordinator
  • Preparation and ironing of the wedding clothes of the bride and groom
  • spare roomfor a member of the bridal couple the night before the wedding
  • Bouquet and boutonniere for the bride and groom
  • Two boutonnieres and two corsages for the wedding party
  • Sound systemwith speaker and microphone

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  • Hairstyle and makeup of one of the bride and groom for the day of the ceremony
  • Ceremony decoration (20 white upholstered chairs, ceremony table and aisle runner)
  • wedding cakeand sparkling wine for up to 20 diners
  • A natural floral centerpiece for the ceremony table
  • Live Mexican music trio(one sentence, during cocktail hour)
  • Special turndown service the night of the wedding
  • 15% discount on all spa treatments (Spa Boutique purchases not included)
  • Just Married Package
  • Welcome Letter
  • Fresh fruit
  • bottle of sparkling wine
  • Breakfast in bed with mimosas(Reservations must be made in advance with the concierge)
  • Late check out for the couple
  • 50 color photosand wedding album
  • Video of the ceremony(30 minutes)
  • Choice of a spa treatment for couples.
  • free anniversary nights
Additional wedding costs to consider
  • DJ and dance floor
  • Turning on
  • Decoration customizations
  • floral touch-ups
  • External Provider Rates
  • wedding favors

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(Video) Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding. Laurie & Rocky Highlights

Benefits when booking a wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun
  • Romantic dinners on the beach
  • Spa treatments and discounts

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3. Venues for ceremonies and receptions

Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort has 5 stunning wedding venues to choose from...

Take a look at each of them below... remember that each of the different places can be decorated to your liking. 😉

  1. grand hall staircase– 250 guests max.
  2. wedding pavilion– 150 guests max.
  3. ocean roof– 150 guests max.
  4. Strand– 100 guests maximum
  5. kapok tree– 60 guests max.

1. Staircase of the great hall

The not so obvious and underrated location...

When I first visited the hotel, I didn't even realize it was a wedding venue, but when I saw the photos of everything b

It's just stunning and absolutely unique.

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The top of the stairs leads into the lobby, which by the way is one of my favorite lobbies in the Riviera Maya, it oozes zen.

I think the wedding team may take this place a bit private, but I must take's not totally privateSo if you are looking for privacy, this place may not be for you.

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2. Wedding pavilion

Oh, there is no doubt that this place is absolutely stunning.

It overlooks the ocean from a great height, allowing for a cool Caribbean breeze to blow through, which is desirable on a hot afternoon.

Although this place is very nice, it would not be my first choice, it is too busy for me andis it very close to the main pool.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (5)

I don't mind kids screaming while I'm engaged to another man for the rest of my life. Ha!

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3. Oceana Roof

This is my personal favorite place in this hotel.

I'm a fan of Sky Terrace what I love about this one is you're not too high up so you'restill at ocean levelwhich always looks stunning in photos.

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If you're looking for privacy, great views, and a bit of wind, this is a place for you!

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4. strand

Of course, there is always the classic beach wedding.

The beach here is nice and smooth, but a bit narrow in places.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (7)

However, this resort's beach facilities are particularly impressive: you can have a drinksimple and elegantolush and luxuriousIt's your decision!

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The Ceiba was the most sacred tree for the ancient MayaitSymbolof the universe.

It meant a route fromCommunication between the three planes of the earth.and is revered by many to this day.

(Video) VLOG - Our Honeymoon in Cancún - Dreams Riviera Cancún Resort and Spa

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (8)

This complex offers a unique and culturally significant location.

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4. Gay Weddings at Dreams Riviera Cancun

you may be wondering"Can you have a same-sex wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun?"

Yes, you can celebrate a same-sex wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun.

This resort actually made our list of the best hotels to host your gay wedding! Gets the PlayaDelCarmen.Com seal of approval from us. Love is love

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Other useful articles on this topic are:
  1. Your definitive guide to getting married in Mexico
  2. The 10 Best Resorts for Gay Weddings in Mexico

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5. Room at Dreams Riviera Cancun

All the rooms in this complex have a unique octagonal shape to ensure that each room has fabulous views of the gardens and the sea.
if you are a foolSuites Vista Mar o Swim UpThis hotel is in no shortage.😉

This is what I like the most about the Swim-Up Suites at Dreams Riviera CancunThey are 100% exclusive for your room.

Most of the other hotels that offer this type of room in the Riviera Maya have "mini rivers" that flow around the hotel rooms and while they are lush, they are not entirely private as you are basically sharing the pool. the person next door

Well, not in this hotel!

Your room has its own mini plunge pool.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (10)
I looked at one of the seaside presidential suits while here and it was absolutely stunning.

This room category has a huge bed, a big bathroom and even a living room... not to mention a huge balcony with sea views and a triangular jacuzzi!

Of course, all 486 suites offer one king or two double beds, 24-hour room service, in-room whirlpool tubs, and a private furnished balcony or patio.

For large families who prefer to haveConnecting rooms This resort can guarantee the roomsin advance (not common in the Riviera Maya) you just need to pay a small deposit of around $50 in advance.

I should point out that the hotel started renovating the rooms during my visit.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (11)

We've seen both the old and the new, and WOW, the new ones are just heavenly, sleek and modern complemented by shades of blue and wood finishes.

6. strand

It was everything I could hope for and dream of in a tropical vacation in the Caribbean.

There wasno algae during my visitand i was glad to see thatwidth of the beach had remained intactsince the last time I was there.

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7. Food and drink

The music to my ears at this resort was thatA la carte options are available without reservation.!

It's pretty unknown in these areas and it really bothers me because I'm not really that organized, I'm more of the moment to moment kind of thing.

I like the freedom of choosing where to go instantly and not having to stick to a schedule when I'm on vacation!

the hotel had9 restaurants and 6 barsaccessible:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Asian
  • seafood

In addition, the World Café Buffet serves delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

(Video) Dreams Riviera Destination Wedding

For the poor appetite while lounging by the pool, there was even that.Barefoot BBQ by the poolfor informal snacks during the day.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (13)

And if you have a sweet tooth like me, The Deli Cafe is the perfect place for premium coffee and snacks.

For people who suffer from itGluten intolerance or celiac diseaseFear not, Dreams Riviera Cancun has you covered. They offer delicious gluten-free options at all of their restaurants.

There is also waiter service at the pool and beach, and 24-hour room service so you can treat yourself whenever you want.

My favorite restaurant was the seafood one on the beach.

It's a semi-open environment, nice breeze and great views of the beach and pool.

I would recommend the agauachile and the seared salmon with lemon garlic sauce!

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8. Activities and Entertainment

When you're traveling with kids, pools and activities can make or break a vacation.

Heck, even as an adult I'm a sucker for big activities, I mean they're part of what we pay for well right?

Dreams Riviera Cancun has multiple pools,a kids' club and activities designed specifically for teens.

There's fun for the whole family, whether it's thatKayak, snorkel or enjoy a diving initiation course.

Golf lovers can rejoice too!

Of course, in every 4/5 star all-inclusive hotel there is evening entertainment for guests.

Dreams Riviera Cancun presents various events,Musical performancesand games to bring everyone together for fun and participation.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (14)

night life

However, if you want to venture out, you can travel north to get to Cancun or south to get to Playa del Carmen. Both options take between 20 and 30 minutes by taxi.

Cancun is a big, bustling city and best for big clubs and big nights if that's your style.

If you like it a bit more laid back but still want to enjoy bars and live music I would sayCarmen beachit's more for you

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9. What the brides said...

What a great experience shared by our family and friends! All the staff have always been professional and friendly, from Enrique at the bar to my Marissa.MarriageCoordinator. Every single person there was amazing. MyMarriageit was everything and more! – Felicia B.

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (15)

I have few words to describe our trip to Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa. From arrival to departure we were treated like royalty.
The staff always had a smile, whether it was Clever in the lobby bar or our wonderful cleaners walking past them on the sidewalks. Gershon the concierge greeted us personally every time we passed by and always made sure we were taken care of. Paulina and her wedding team truly gave us a ceremony and experience we could not have imagined - it was everything we wanted and more. The entire staff at Dreams never lets anything stress them out, be it our next drink, meal or wedding ceremony. This was the trip of a lifetime for her. We still get thanks from our guests who tell us it was one of the best vacations they've ever had and one of the best weddings they've ever been to. We owe it all to Dreams and their amazing staff and resort (the rooms were some of the best we've stayed in on our Mexico vacation!). From the bottom of my heart, thank you! -Molly and Mike

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10. Pros and cons

Things we LOVE:

  • Dreams Resorts is part of AMResorts We love working with these guys.It is always a high level service, simple and effective. For example, they've been great during the COVID pandemic by allowing the bride to quickly and easily change her wedding date and not lose any money, and their new security protocols are the best I've seen.
  • The hotel is not overwhelmingly large, it is the perfect size in my opinion.
  • Wide range of wedding packages to choose from.
  • Stunning bridal suite for you and your bridesmaids to get ready before the ceremony!

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (16)

Things we don't love so much:

  • The beach is a bit narrow in places. So if wide, powdery, soft sand is your thing, this may not be the place for you.
  • Preferred Club guests still incur some additional charges for premium liquor/services.

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11. Additional resources you may find useful

It doesn't end here.

(Video) CANCUN VLOG | Wedding, Stormy Weather and Traveling Alone

Our blog is packed with fun articles to help you plan the wedding of your dreams...

Here are some great starting points for you:

  1. My Honest Review of Dreams Riviera Cancun (Hotel Review)
  2. My honest review of weddings at the Grand Palladium
  3. How much does a wedding in Tulum cost?
  4. The 10 Best All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in the Riviera Maya

My honest review of Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings 2023 (17)

Enjoy! If you can't find what you are looking for, send me an emailhochzeiten@playadelcarmen.comI am happy to help.

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12. Do you feel confused?

Not sure if Dreams Riviera Cancun is for you?

The first step to planning a perfect and unforgettable wedding is finding one.destination wedding planner.

Get in touch with ourexperienced team of wedding plannersFree today!

Get help finding the perfect hotel and wedding package. That's what we do best!

Haveplanned hundreds of spectacular events in the region.

We accompany you at every step.

Call us toll free888-537-9797.


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