How to write work experience on a resume [+10 examples] (2023)

What is relevant work experience?

Relevant work experience is any experience that helps you qualify for the desired position.Relevant experienceit can be earned from your job, education, or even hobbies. It is important that he specifically collectedtransferable skillsThrough this experience it will help you succeed in the new role.

It's important to include relevant work experience on your resume, as it will show hiring managers that you understandjob requirementsand that your experienceMeets these requirements.

How to format your work experience section

Choosing the right jumpsuit is just as importantresume formatIt is knowing how to structure your practice area. Hiring managers need to be able to quickly verify that you have the experience they are looking for.

Follow these rules to make surecontinue formattingit is right:

List your previous job titles, dates of employment, and company names

For each job you list in your Work Experience section, please provide the following information:

  • job titles)
  • Company Name
  • Business location (city and state)
  • Dates you were employed there
  • Three to five bullet points highlighting your accomplishments and job responsibilities

Here is a template that shows how your work experience should be formatted:

job title

Company name, city, state
employment data

  • Three to five bullet points describing your responsibilities when working at this job

First, list your most recent work experience

List your most recent work experience at the top of your work experience section, with less recent job titles below (same as aResume Creation Softwarewould automatically format that information).

The more recent the work experience, the higher it should be placed on your resume. Follow this format when writing the work experience section of your resume:


title 1

Company, City, State

Start date End date

  • (Recent work experience)

title 2

Company, City, State

Start date End date

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  • (penultimate work experience)

title 3

Company, City, State

Start date End date

  • (penultimate work experience)

List of your work experiencechronologically on your CVIt shows hiring managers how you've progressed in your career and lets them see how your skills have evolved over time.

Here is an example of an internship section of apolice officer resume:

How to write work experience on a resume [+10 examples] (1)

How to describe your work experience on your resume

Once you know how to format your work experience on your resume, you should describe that experience using bullet points that highlight your professional experience and skills.

Include achievements instead of responsibilities

To emphasizeachievements on your resumerather than simply listing areas of responsibility. Achievements show that you have made positive contributions to your organization's performance, rather than simply meeting expectations.

Compare these examples of work experience bullet points to see how effectively listing accomplishments can strengthen your resume:

effective bullet

Implemented a business contact tracking system that increased sales by 47%

Invalid bullet point

business contacts tracked

The first example is effective because it includes a number that gives the hiring manager an idea of ​​how the job will fare if hired.

Write bullet points for the job you want

While it sounds slow, work experience bullet points on your resume shouldn't be generic unless you're writing one.general curriculum.

The content of your work experience section should be geared towards the desired position, with each bullet pointing out specific skills and experience related to the job position.

You should also include keywords from the job description in your experience section. Includingresume keywords, such as B. The skills and qualifications that emerge throughout the job ensure that you meet the hiring manager's requirements.

Start each bullet point with action verbs.

From1:16 full stopEva Chan, your professional certified resume writer, explains why action verbs are so effective on resumes:

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To expand on Eva's point, hiring managers see tons of resumes that begin each bullet point with phrases like "responsible for" and "assigned to task."

The problem with such language is that it ispassiveand it doesn't describe what you actually accomplished on the job.

Instead, you should start your bullet points with a description.resume action verbsHiring managers clearly display what you have accomplished in your previous roles.

Here are some examples of action verbs used to effectively describe a job applicant's work experience:

  • Organizedan occupational safety initiative that has saved the company money in workers' compensation
  • Developednew communication protocols that improved connectivity between companies and customers
  • optimizedProduct delivery logistics that expedited order fulfillment for customers

If possible, add numbers to your bullets

Use numbers to describe your work experience whenever you can (this is known as quantifying your resume) because numbers give hiring managers a better idea of ​​what you can accomplish.

Anything that shows how you have significantly improved your performance should be included on your resume.

Examples ofhow to quantify your resumeinclude talking about:

  • customers acquired
  • dollars saved
  • Customer satisfaction increased
  • income generated
  • customer operated
  • reduced expenses
  • The turnover rate has fallen
  • best sales figures

These are some examples of work experience.resume bulletsnumbers contain:

How to write work experience on a resume [+10 examples] (2)

How to write work experience on a resume [+10 examples] (3)

How to write work experience on a resume [+10 examples] (4)

10 examples of work experiences in the CV

Customer Service Representative

Computer Company, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Supervised customer service training program that increased customer retention by 35%
  • Implementation of a new office layout that improves communication between employees
  • Twice "Employee of the Year" (2017 and 2019)
  • Received the highest performance ratings for 7 consecutive months for resolving customer issues
  • Developed a more efficient filing system for customer records.


Wellness Hospital, Boise, ID


  • Management of critical patients (more than 20 in my room)
  • Lead the new training program for nurses on the practical role of ventilation
  • Cared for more than 1,000 patients in the intensive care unit and provided preoperative care
  • Trained 15 team members to use Epic and Cerner patient management software systems


Boys High School, Billings, MT


  • Pilot reading initiative that added 140 words to the vocabulary of the average student
  • Coordinated run, swim and bike events that raised $76,000 for local causes
  • Established an after-school gaming initiative that reduced student screen time by 40%
  • Introduced SMART Boards as chair of the technology committee
  • Guided class wins Best Behavior Awards 7% more often than their peers
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adoption host

Humane Society of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN


  • Welcome visitors and shelter tours for prospective adopters.
  • He made an average of 3 adoption appointments per day.
  • Phone and email inquiries were answered quickly and professionally.
  • Helped increase adoption rates by 25% by planning and attending adoption events


Talat-Markt, Atlanta, GA


  • Build good customer relationships and serve all guests courteously and efficiently.
  • Make sure all 15 employees comply with company policies and state alcoholic beverage regulations.
  • Ensure a hygienic environment by keeping the bar and seating area clean throughout the day.
  • Maintain an inventory of liquor, food and supplies and contact the F&B manager to ensure timely replenishment
  • Create 3 signature drinks and update the menu twice a year with seasonal alcoholic and mocktails

Business Development Specialist

Brix Law, Portland, Oregon


  • Research and write proposals, brochures and other materials for client meetings.
  • Worked with lawyers to produce annual submissions for 4 leading benchmarking publications
  • Maintain up-to-date mailing lists and send newsletters and summaries
  • Preparation and sending of invitations for seminars, webinars and conferences. Follow up with participants after events reporting an average satisfaction rate of 98%


Whole Foods, Raleigh, Carolina del Norte


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  • Efficient and friendly service for more than 100 daily customers
  • Comply with the procedures for handling cash, checks, ATMs and credit cards
  • Trained more than 10 new cashiers to ensure they follow established health, hygiene and safe work practices
  • Performed opening and closing duties and ensured each work station was clean and properly stocked for the day.

event planner

Manitowoc, WI


  • Planning and implementation of 30+ meetings, events and trade shows with great attention to detail and within budget
  • I took the initiative in the negotiations and managed the suppliers throughout the planning process.
  • We have consulted with clients to ensure their needs have been met and have developed cost-effective strategies that save clients an average of 8% on budget costs.
  • Managed logistics including speaker coordination, transportation, agenda planning, and event space

office manager

Louis Berger Services, San Jose, CA


  • Take inventory and reduce monthly costs by $1000 by assessing office supply needs
  • Contact building management for maintenance requests
  • Daily administrative support including answering incoming calls (60+/day), scheduling meetings, coordinating office activities, and greeting visitors
  • Easier onboarding of new employees in communication with building administration, IT and security

social media marketer

Wellory, Brooklyn, Nueva York


  • Contributed to a 15% increase in engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in my first 4 months with the company
  • Analyzed the company's existing social media strategy and made recommendations to the marketing manager.
  • Identified and contacted over 100 influencers in the health and fitness industry for brand promotions and collaborations.
  • Communicate with clients through platforms, responding to an average of 100 messages and comments per day

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