How to write a job description (with examples) (2023)

How to write a job description

Great job descriptions are complete but concise. They use specific terms and maintain a professional tone. It's okay to be a little quirky, but don't overdo it. If you don't take the job description seriously, the best candidates will move on to other vacancies.

Important parts of a job description

  • charge
  • Company biography/mission
  • job overview
  • role responsibilities
  • Job requirements (mandatory qualifications)
  • local time
  • Next steps (application)

Here is an overview of the most important sections that every job description should contain.


Formulate the job title clearly, concisely and industry-specifically.

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43 percentof job seekers look for career opportunities on job sites that use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Job seekers are also likely to be searching for terms they are familiar with, so don't deviate from the standard industry language for job titles. Be sure to include specific terms such as programs required for the role. The titleLead front-end engineer of AngularJSis much more meaningful thandeveloperand will attract more qualified candidates. If your position is not found, you cannot apply.

Mission of the company

Add a company description or mission, but limit it to around two to four sentences.

72 percentof job seekers said they would be more likely to apply to a job posting with a company description. Don't get lost in the details. Most companies have a longmission statementcomcore valuesand a culture code. For candidates looking at multiple companies and open positions, the missions start to look the same. Should candidates apply for the position, they can read the full company profile on the website.

Consider writing a template version that you can use again and again whenever you need to write a new requisition. It's also more common to include the company description or mission at the beginning of the post.

job overview

Write a short 3-5 sentence summary of what the candidate will do in their role, who they will be working with, and what general qualities your team is looking for in the person.

professional responsibility

According to a study by Built In, 90% of job descriptions for high-performing roles have clear responsibilities and duties. Responsibilities and duties are essential for a candidate to understand the role. They also set expectations for the hired employee and can be used as a basis for future performance reviews.

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Give five to ten points for what the candidate can expect in the role. Here are some tips:

  • Write in full sentences.
  • Be meticulous. Applicants will be better prepared for the interview and the job if they know what is expected of them.
  • Don't be exaggerated. You don't have to include every possible thing that a person might encounter during their workday.

Mandatory Skills

According to the Built-In survey, job descriptions include an average of eight different skills per job (including required and desirable skills). List five to seven items that are essential for a candidate to be successful in the position they are applying for.

  • If necessary, indicate quantities, e.g. B. years of experience.
  • Be sure to clarify what the application requires, such as a portfolio, writing sample, video recording, CV, CV, cover letter, etc.
  • Other important information includes education, experience, certifications, and knowledge of specific platforms.

to have nice skills

If there are other qualities that are good to have, include them here. Feel free to include this section, but it can help candidates know what to include in their application or interview to stand out from the crowd. This section has lower priority and should be less bulleted.

Damage payment

61 percentConsider compensation information the most important part of a job description. However, according to the Built-In survey, 99% of top-performing job descriptions do not include compensation information. Many companies still refuse to provide this information in job descriptions, but it's time to overcome this uneasiness to gather a larger pool of candidates.


It's best to tell in advance how long you'll need employees to work. Flexible working hours are more common among full-time employees, time zones can play a role and certain industries and markets have different working hours.


Applicants will consider commuting or relocation time in their hiring decision, so please help them determine eligibility before beginning the application process. Embedding a Google map on your website is really very simple and can be done with itguide.

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working conditions

Keep working conditions and workplace expectations clear. People want to know what awaits them in their future work environment. Are there any physical requirements for the role? What is the expected dress code?

call to action

Make sure it is clear where the candidate should apply. Don't make the application complicated or frustrating, as this will only reduce the number of applicants for the wrong reasons. This is an area that companies should adapt to where the work will be published. Make sure they know where to click or who to email to start the process.


Most companies include an equal opportunity statement from the employer and that the employee may be required to perform additional work duties beyond the description. Do your research because disclaimers can help companies avoid thisserious lawsuits.

Items to improve job descriptions

Some companies include additional details in their job descriptions to differentiate them from other employers. There's certainly a balance between writing a full job description and over-hype, and that's for your team to decide. Here are some additional sections to consider in your job description. While these elements are optional, they can turn a good job description into a great one.


not financialAdvantagesare often a deciding factor for potential candidates -61 percentof job seekers expect to see benefit packages in job descriptions, but only 43% of top-performing job descriptions include this information, according to a study by Built In.

Items to include are from your company:

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  • Health and Wellness Plans
  • Annuity and stock option offerings
  • childcare and parental leave
  • Vacation and PTO Policies


Remember that perks are not the same as benefits. Benefits are nice perks that the company offers its employees to improve their work-life balance and help them lead happier, more productive lives.

corporate culture

Sure, it's a buzzword, but people have spoken and the best candidates expect a strong onecorporate culture. The truth is,47 percentstate that company culture is the main reason they seek new opportunities.

word count

It is best to keep your job description in the 250-500 word range as supported bya studywho found that most job ads showed a similar trend in word count. High-performing job descriptions contain an average word count of 457 words, based on built-in insights.

The average word count also correlates to the average time on the job description page. Job descriptions with a word count between 251 and 500 words have an average time on page of one minute and 39 seconds (1:39), which is closest to the average job description read time of one minute and 41 seconds (1:41). .It's clear that job descriptions that adhere to word count best practices are far more persuasive than their underperforming counterparts.

Typing error

16 percent of job descriptions reviewed by Built In contain obvious typographical errors that can harm the candidate's reach and the company's credibility. Your company for failing to complete due diligence. Remember to always have at least one other person read your job description before posting it.


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