Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (2023)

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (1)

If you enjoy the game of golf like we do, chances are you keep up to date with the latest equipment releases.

Golf drivers are constantly being updated and new ones are released, and it's a good idea to keep up with the latest technology.

When golfers are aware of their options, they can make much better decisions about which clubs to play.

The newsick driversreleased this year are attracting a lot of attention.

These controllers claim to be longer than almost any other controller on the market.

When we hear about distance-enhancing technology like this, it's important to consider what the product can do for your game.

Here is everything you need to know about the Krank driver and whether or not it is legal.

Are sick drivers legal?

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (2)

Sick drivers are legal and licensed by the USGA.

This means that you can use the club in a professional golf tournament or in a club tournament.

The fact that sick drivers are legal certainly makes them more marketable and attractive to a wide range of golfers.

With an illegal golfer, people have different feelings about the club and when it should be used.

Overall, the fact that Krank has made the club so long and forgiving while still being legal is pretty impressive.

There are some interesting things about the Krank brand and the technology they use.

Let's dig a little deeper into why these riders are known for the distance they deliver.

Sick Golf Driver Tech

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (3)

As you can probably imagine, Kranz controllers do so well because their technology is superior.

Without advanced or unique technology, it is difficult for a golf brand to really enter the market.


Krank's technology is nothing new considering it has been around for over 21 years.

During that time, the company has worked to provide part of the equipment for world long drive champions throughout history.

The first and probably the most important technology that Krank has is the hollowed out face shape.

With the cupped face, there is more surface area for a golfer to get that feathered effect from the clubhead.

The forged cupped face is not something every golf manufacturer offers, but most will agree that it is an effective way to get better bounce and distance out of a driver.

Additionally, there is a process that Krank goes through to help you get accurate loft, face angle and lie angle specifications on your new club.

Most gamers pick a controller off the shelf and keep it in their bag.

Kranz teaches players the importance of fit, just as he does with irons and putters.

A new micro-milling process has been implemented in the latest versions of sick golf drivers.

Professionals playing sick driver

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (4)

When you look at these no-brand golf manufacturers, you often see that it's the owner and creator who drives the brand.

This makes some golfers skeptical because they don't listen to the general golfing community or the pros about the club's effectiveness.

Fortunately, with the Krank drivers, there are some golf professionals who are promoting the use of this product.

Also, some players who have won long races in the championship easily pocket Krank's drivers.

In fact, the number of long distance professionals using Krank Driver is quite impressive.

Some of the more notable names arejustin jamesYjeff gavin.

What clubs does Krank Golf make?

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (5)

Obviously, Krank Golf is known for its long drivers.

There are currently four sick drivers on the market designed to help a wide variety of golfers.

(Video) Does the Illegal High COR Krank Driver Go 20 Yards Farther?

The new Formula II XX driver is a high COR design designed to help a wide variety of players achieve even more distance than they have seen in the past.

In addition to high-performance drivers, Krank also makes fairway woods and hybrids.

They haven't ventured into iron and short game products and we won't be seeing that anytime soon.

Krank knows that their unique position in the market will be the distance they can deliver with their dished face technology.

The same technology isn't going to work the same way between irons and wedges, so it didn't make sense to expand them this way.

Like most golf companies trying to grow their brand, Krank also makes a line of golf accessories for golfers to choose from.

If you're looking for a new bag, a sick hat, or some sick clothes, it's easy to find.

In general, you can think of Krank as a solution to any of your long-playing problems.

Outside of that zone of your game, you may find better options on the market.

Who should play Krank golf clubs?

Are Krank drivers legal? (All to know) (6)

There are a few things to consider when thinking about buying a Krank controller.

As great as the sick driver ad sounds, it may not be perfect for every golfer.

Fortunately, we've broken it down into a few different categories to help you decide if this racket is right for your game.

1. Long distance

The Krank golf brand has more than 20 titles on the Long Drive Champions Circuit.

This means that more than 20 endurance champions have achieved this status with a Krank pilot on their hands.

That's certainly pretty impressive, and Krank's drivers certainly lead the way when it comes to the distance a golfer can go.

The racket heads are made of durable yet lightweight materials.

The hollowed-out design helps the racket function almost exactly like a springboard.

When you hit the center of the clubface, you will find that the golf ball launches quite far and heads towards the target with ease.

(Video) Does The Krank Formula 11 XX Super High-COR Driver Hit Farther?

The long distance these drivers create is something most golfers will enjoy in their game.

Of course, if you're already hitting the ball 300 yards or more, you probably don't need to look for a spacer.

The more distance you have, the easier it will be to hit your approach shot to the green.

Sometimes a twenty yard difference in your stroke can help you hit a short iron against a long iron onto the green.

This will certainly make you more accurate and improve your ability to get lower scores.

There is a certain distance, usually a little over 250 yards, that a player must cover to get a low score.

Once a golfer can get 250 yards or more off the tee, scoring in the game of golf becomes much easier.

If you can't get that mileage, try a sick rider to see if it makes a difference for you.

2. Sorry

While the Krank Driver offers some forgiveness, that's not his forte.

Krank controllers are highly customizable, so you can configure them to help fix any launch or steering issues you may have.

However, the overall design is not as forgiving as some other rackets on the market.

Essentially, you need to hit the ball near the center of the face if you want to see real results with this racket in your hand.

If you're a golfer who hasn't yet figured out how to hit a straight shot off the tee, the Kranz probably isn't the best option.

The golfer who will get the most benefit from the Krank driver is a player who knows how to hit the ball relatively straight, but feels that his shots don't go as far.

Forgiveness is essential for some players, but if you feel like you need a racquet that acts as a self-correcting driver, this isn't the best option.

3. Prices

Many of those non-Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist no-brand golf clubs we see on a daily basis offer some significant discounts.

However, with Krank drivers you will find that the price is the same as a new TaylorMade or Callaway driver.

The reason for this is that in order to give golfers the distance that the sick are capable of, the manufacturing process is a bit more complicated.

Also, sick drivers are not as common as other rackets on the market.

(Video) Krank formula extreme driver review. 340 yard drives.

This means that they are not mass produced.

This usually increases the cost you pay per club.

In general, the price of Krank is a bit high.

If this brand doesn't sell as well, you might be looking for a used one to consider instead.

4. Disability

One of the things we really like about the Kranz drivers is that they weren't built specifically for a specific disability.

Whether you are a low handicap or a high handicap, you can see some advantages of these clubs.

It's important to remember that Krank's riders are best known for their performance on the Long Drive Tour.

As long as some of these players can hit the ball, they are not all low handicap players.

Sometimes taking a long drive and being a low handicap player are two completely different things.

Don't worry too much about your disability when buying your Krank Driver.

Pay more attention to the specs you need and the specific model that suits your game.

Also, we recommend that you start with a driver and then expand your clubs to woods and hybrids as you find success.

When you start with the driver, you can really see the impact of the Kranz brand and whether or not it's right for your golf game.


Hopefully you now have a better understanding of sick drivers and whether or not they might work for your golf game.

The good news is that these drivers are USGA legal and you don't have to worry about playing tournaments with this racket in your bag.

Krank Drivers have a solid reputation on the long drive, and golfers have complete confidence in their ability to perform consistently.

If you are looking for the same level of confidence in your golf clubs, the Krank brand could be for you.

There are plenty of product testimonials from endurance champions that should also help you decide if this is the right option for you.


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